Sleep Problem Of Our Young Generation

Normally we hear that an adult has to sleep for around 6-8hrs a day and not more than that to remain healthy. With people getting beauty conscious, most of them are following this regime. But, there are some who face difficulties in waking up early or at the end of 8hrs sleep. It might be because they are awake the previous night for prolonged time or they have oversleeping syndrome.

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Sleep varies from person to person, depends on health conditions, region and climatic conditions too. We tend to sleep for less time in summer than in winter. As temperatures dip in, we cover ourselves to make it warmer to sleep. (We off our alarms and announce, “Mom! Just 10 more minutes and I will get up”). Anxiety, depression, tiredness, laziness, happiness, medication might be reasons for oversleeping or deprived of sleep. So, specifically there is no particular reason why a person sleeps more/less.
This generation kids are not disciplined enough in terms of activities pertaining to daily life as our grandparents are,who, in spite of not having much work to do & in spite of being old, they maintain waking up on time, eating only homemade food in limits (even though the delicacy is yummy…!), exercising and keeping their body under their control.
Reasons that make us sleep more are:


Parents pamper their kids unknowingly. Pampering sometimes leads to kids turning into spoilt kids. Spoilt kids are indiscipline who lay on the bed for long than required. Such kids tend to have frequent headaches, tend to become obese, have puffiness of face. To a limit, sleeping too much is considered as “Born with silver spoon” in friends’ circle, but slowly that fades away and one is looked upon as the brand ambassador of Laziness.


When one is satisfied and less tensed in life, they sleep more. After exams, getting something you love, achieving a dream are few examples for not setting the alarm to wake up early!! (Meaning sleep more..!! :P).


Doctors suggest the ideal sleep pattern that should vary depends on age. Toddlers generally need 18hrs sleep/day, School children – 10hrs sleep/day, Youngsters – 8hrs/day. People with depression, illness and on prescribed medication tend to feel drowsy and sleep more.

Modern lifestyle:

With diverse lifestyle taking priority in everyone’s lives, change in food habits, late night partying adds up to love your bed and pillow even more. Tasty pizzas & burgers (Those are only heavy stuff, addition to that is the combination of extra cheese toppings) that do not digest and break easily in the stomach make you feel heavy and drowsy. Sleeping immediately makes that food deposit as fats in our body leading to obesity in a span of time.

Corporate life:

Stress and pressure at work place makes you work late into the nights. Even then working individuals need to wake up early, slog throughout the week. Anxieties in having to prepare for client meetings, in giving right numbers make you sleep less. But as weekend approaches, they sleep more compensating for the entire week sleep. Such change in pattern of sleep takes an adverse effect at later stages.


Think of the word pollution or traffic, girls mostly relate to the damage it does to the skin and tresses; boys relate to stress, back pain and tiredness. But, unknown truth to most of us is the pollutants that are inhaled clogs the lungs and do not allow oxygen radicals to reach the brain making us sleep for more. (Fresh air with pure oxygen freshens the brain, good for digestion, purifies the blood thus, helping one to sleep deeply and peacefully even though if it is for a limited time).


With most of the time getting glued to laptops surfing the net, “being busy” with the social networking sites – updating the happenings on regular basis, too much usage of mobile phones which causes the radiations that they emit to heat up our brain. To cool up & relax the eyes and brain, one tends to sleep more.

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