God must be crazy to create this world full of blind species..!!

These days having a healthy and attractive physique has become soo important for every aspect. How can I say, something is attractive? Obviously, by seeing it!! which means having eyes is not enough, but having vision in them is necessary.


In our daily lives, in spite of having vision, we act as if we are blind, socially. While we walk around daily on roads for small or big works, we find people who just go by as if nothing is around them; dash us around without even apologizing as if they are blind. We swear with anger silently against them in our mother tongue too. Is it their mistake for such behavior?

Personally, I feel No!

We know that human babies are blind while birth, but what if that continues throughout? What comes free during such time is assuming. We assume he is in hurry that’s the reason for that speediness; or we assume he is reckless for dashing us or we assume how he was brought up that in spite of hurting us hasn’t apologized.

Jumping signals and we care little about what happens next. That careless and blind attitude comes in by default when you see someone doing it and you follow suit. The reason or fundamental answer for that is our society which has imbibed some characteristics into us: be what you are, do what you want to do, don’t care what happens to others on the road. Civic sense exists only on papers. Today it’s their turn, tomorrow when we are in a hurry we too jump signals and move around without caring and someone else abuses us with mouths shut.

We spend huge amounts partying around with friends, we waste money and we waste some food by the time we leave from that place. But, we are reluctant to give a rupee to the beggar who is just outside the eatery starving with ribs visible clearly. Instead of saying NO directly we act as if we are blind and move on, giving a 50bucks tip to the driver for getting the car out of the parking valet.

There is also a statement given by elders in our homes, if you do something wrong/ ill to others, your eyes will be lost and you are going to become blind. This doesn’t mean you are going to go blind, but life is going to turn dark.

At some point, it might not be a direct punishment from God to us for that ill act but this will have its effect on us leading to life being low, things not going according to our needs, down in life and then realization comes into picture giving us some scope to rectify our mistakes and hope that God is going to forgive our acts.

People who have eyes do not use them properly and people who are blind are desperate for vision. God must have done that so that it proves his existence or at least people remember him for that particular moment which shows that in suffering, He is remembered above all.

Apart from human species, there are animal species which are blind. Some are born blind just for few days after birth and some are by default blind throughout their lives. Rabbits & rats are better examples for the prior whereas blind moles and some flatworms are examples of the later.

But, what’s the point in making such animals suffer which don’t do things wantedly like humans, which don’t have any rectifying capacity or remembering the existence of a Supreme power. God must be Crazy!!

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